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Friendly reminder: Moffat still hasn’t explained what the fuck happened in midnight

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I’ve been meaning to post this all day but I’ve been so busy. Well one of my friends sister went missing 10 days ago and they have not found any clues whatsoever. Her car was found abandoned and they don’t expect that she is a runaway. They’ve searched the water and have interviewed many of her friends and nobody knows anything and can’t figure out anything. They started with a $1,000 reward for any information but they’re dying to find her so they now raised it to a $10,000 reward for information. They need help with the funding so on the facebook page they have a donation box setup. I’m not asking for you guys to donate but can you please help spread this around to help them out. Especially if any of your followers live in South Carolina. 

The Facebook page is here:

Donations go here:

I will keep you all updated on here about all of this so when she is found, you guys can stop helping out. Seriously thank you so much. I really hate to see all the posts on Facebook of all my friends posting about Heather. 

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This Tibetan monk was sitting in a park and was moved to bless the deer that gathered ‘round him. Someone snapped a picture, and when they looked at it, a rainbow had appeared… never underestimate the magic and power of gratitude.

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Why Ave Maria, though?

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Adorably stupid or stupidly adorable?

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